Monday, January 15, 2007

Woe/Whoa is Me

Dang! I have the flu. Double dang! I just lost this post. Do over. The Baby is better but for a wee cough (sounds just like her daddy!) and the Husband is better, but La Mamma feels like cacapupu. The Husband and I had a typical gendery fight this morning when he didn’t read my mind and get me juice and feed the Baby without my asking. I got all pissed off and jumped up to start preparing her no-brainer breakfast (rice cereal out of the box and banana) and he told me that giving someone the ole VAFFANCULO is no way to ask for help. But the point is I didn’t want to have to ask after having spent the last four days waiting hand and foot on either him or the little one. The Husband has never prepared the Baby’s pappa (NB: pappa means baby food as opposed to daddy which is “paPA” or the pope, which is “PApa”), so he wanted me to show him how, which I did, and then of course, as Murphy’s, Sod’s, and every other mess-with-your-head law proves, he found a piece of plastic in the food and had to fish it out of the Baby’s hungry little mouth. The one time I am not vigilantly hovering over his every move, she nearly chokes! Now I have to decide whether or not to write to Earth’s Best and tell them how I’ve lost faith in them, how I have to turn to Nestle baby food because it’s better that my baby eat a bunch of genetically modified stuff rather than plastic, and hope that they will send me a bunch of free teething biscuits. And my case is weak. The plastic could have come out of the non-organic banana for all I know. I wasn’t there! Oh, the guilt! The pain!

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