Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Bologna has a First Name...

Greetings from Bologna, pretty city, even if it is named after a lunch meat.

La Bimba and I are here visiting our lovely friends V & A in their lovely apartment with 360 degree views of red brick, rooftops, towers, and domes. I nonni are here too, and everything is great except Il Nonno is sick as a dawg. We actually had a doctor make a house call. My first house call! Little black bag and everything. He was great, born and raised in New Jersey, so speaks perfect American, great bedside manner (and was actually beside a bed!), a mentsch. Nonno is feeling better already. What American wouldn't feel good after a house call that cost only 100 euro and antibiotics for only 10 euro?

So, if anyone is ever in need of an English-speaking doctor in Bologna, I've got the guy and would be happy to pass on his name.

I have been storing up stories to blogshare with you. Like the showdown at the park between a mamma and a nonna, and La Bimba's new words like "More!" and "Akka" (acqua), and her marvelous (T)UFFO KALAH, which she says at the sight of any body of water, particularly the tub. Tuffo means dive in Italian. Kalah is her own invention.

Alas, the showdown will have to wait until when my head is not falling onto the keyboard. Buona notte e spero a presto.