Thursday, January 11, 2007

il bene, il male

Things to complain about vis-a-vis Naples:

1. Dog shit everywhere.
2. Mopeds that drive up your ass, don't give way, and blast black clouds of exhaust in your face.
3. People standing around, taking up the entire width of the sidewalk, sometimes sitting on chairs (the sidewalk as personal terrace), ignoring your calls of "Permesso! Attenzione! Move your fat asses!" until the last moment, at which point they move just enough to let you by (it is uncanny how they know the exact amount they have to shift in order to let you pass; and it is terrifying that they never move one millimeter more).

Things to be grateful for:

1. I can eat prosciutto crudo every day, for it is a staple food.
2. Everyone -- man, woman, and child -- stops to coo over my baby. I will refrain from putting the fact that they usually say, "How beautiful! Looks like her father, huh?" on the complaint list.
3. You can stare at people without getting in trouble.

This is just a start, a tiny chip off the boulder that is my Neapolitan experience. I had to stop because I am currently obsessed with the Baby's first fever. Freaking my ass out. She is sleeping at the moment, but probably won't be for long since I keep going in to check on her breathing every 15 minutes. First child. Poor bubeleh.

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