Saturday, January 27, 2007

I am not alone

Ohmigod! I am not the only person blogging from Naples! Astounding! I have been very shy about my blog, but I think it might be time to introduce myself to other expats blogging from Italy. I need to network. I need some comments, some props, some kudos, some che ne so io...

Gorgeous day today. The Husband, the Baby and I took a long stroll along the sea, stopping for a miniature bottle of Yoga peach juice (one euro) and buying a new stroller (McLaren, red with black and white polka dots, fancy). The Baby looks very stylish in her new "macchina." It even matches her hat, a patagonia fleece, red with blue trim and three blue spikes (no, not spikes...maybe feathers...branches?...what the bleep is the word?!) sticking out of the top. I call it the mirtillo rosso (cranberry) hat. The Neapolitans say, "What a cute hat! It has ears!" What creature has three ears that grow out of the top of its head? I bet some pet of Pulcinella's!

Speaking of Pulcinella, once the Husband and friend G. were very stoned and had a 20-minute conversation/argument about Pulcinella: who he is, what he represents. Only in Naples.

I am supposed to see a dance performance in Pozzuoli tomorrow. I am desperate to see a dance performance. I was a dance critic for many years in San Francisco. I have performed, I have choreographed, I have an MFA. And now the only dancing I do is in the kitchen in front of the Baby to keep her entertained while waiting patiently for her pappa. She particularly likes when I move in 3/4 time.

Ah, dancing, dancing...and I miss you. My hamstrings are ham strung, wreaking havoc on my lower back, knees, ankles. And I am going to be 36 very soon. On Groundhog's day, il giorno della marmota, or some such thing. Candlemas. The day that falls exactly between the winter solstice and vernal equinox. Big day for pagans.

Yesterday, for the first time, the Husband said he could live somewhere else in Italy. Hot dog! He mentioned Viareggio. I had to bust out the map of Italy to find it. I guess it's famous for its carnevale. Sometimes I think we will never wrest ourselves from the clutches of Naples. But I am committed to getting out before the Baby can make her first friend. I don't think I could bear to see her riding around on a moped without a helmet and with her butt crack hanging out, though perhaps fashions will change by then.

Friends in Procida just had a baby boy, Pasquale, 4 kilos. Now that's a big bimbo. Auguri!


Delina said...

Another blogger in Napoli. Yey!

I too would be worried about my kid on a moped without helmet and butt hanging out.

I saw a whole family on a vespa today. Only in Naples.

Michellanea said...

Hey, welcome. I'm here kvetching (and stretching during pilates!) too but up in Milan. Oh, and I'm a rompipalle as well. Hee hee