Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've Been Working On the Railroad

I don't always remember to brush my teeth in the morning and sometimes I fall asleep with the Baby and fail to brush my teeth at night. Though it is rare that this happens on the same day, it happens, and when it does, I wake up with a thick film over my teeth and this is nasty.

Sorry to do this, but I have to reference Sex and the City again, this time the episode when Carrie decides she is dating New York. I, too, once thought New York had a strong personality, and that one could fall in love with the city, have a romance with it. But after Naples, New York seems rather bland. Naples doesn't just have a personality, it is a person, someone you have to deal with every day and don't always want to, like a charismatic co-worker that often goes too far and slides into annoying...and sometimes into evil. So, I married a Neapolitan not realizing that his big brother Naples would be interfering with our lives all day, every day. Unless I don't leave the house, which sometimes is the case.

I am so sad to be too tired to pursue this train of thought. Ciao ciao choo-choo...

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