Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Roman Holiday

La Bimba and I are going to Rome tomorrow to meet my friend G. who is from California and lives in Switzerland. We have been to Rome together once or twice before, La Bimba and I, but we usually don't do much sight-seeing. This time, however, I am hell bent on showing her the Pantheon, my favorite building in the whole wide, wide world of sports. The church, San Francesco di Paola, in Piazza Plebiscito here in Naples is a Pantheon knock-off and doesn't pack the same punch. I like to stand in the Pantheon and imagine the days before Christianity came in and said, "My home now! All you pagans, out!"

Kitty- or catty-corner from the Pantheon is the best granita di caffè con panna, but 'tis not the season. I will be satisfied with some gelato from San Crespino near the Trevi Fountain. Have you seen the Trevi Fountain? When you saw it, were you shocked to find it in such a small piazza? It's this gaudy, crazy, beautiful thing forced to boast its majesty in absurdly cramped quarters. I can hardly stand to look at it. But I always give it a respectful albeit cursory glance on my way to San Crespino. The meringue al cioccolato is to die for.

I made an omelette today. I don't particularly like omelettes, I prefer scrambles, but I thought it would look more presentable, more like a real pranzo item, than a pile of scramblies. The Husband and I ate the omelette while watching cartoons.

I imagine there will be no blog time in Rome, so I leave you with a big juicy A PRESTO.


Paolo said...

San Crispino! That was my last gelato, and I am keeping my taste buds virgin for another visit...

It was funny, when I was last at Trevi... it seemed like the place was a lot smaller from when I first visited in the 80s. Not like I grew since then.... though perhaps my memories were bigger.

Doug said...

I know exactly the place you're talking about, but we never got gelato there!

Pantheon is a ball (no pun intended)...but try to go see the Baths of Caracalla. Usually relatively empty, and totally amazing. It's walkable from one of the subway stops; can't remember now.

Enjoy Rome!