Saturday, February 24, 2007

Countess Dracula

La Bimba is teething again. Two little lower teeth are poking through her gums. So, our attempt to nightwean her was ill-timed. Let's just say, La Bimba was incazzatissima.
Incazzato: pissed off (vulgar).
I'd say! It has the naughty word for penis in the middle of it. But I just love the ring of it when you add the superlative -issima ending. It's like saying, maybe, fuckulent. Fuckulent. That is the greatest thing I've ever heard. Say it a few times out loud. The suffix really softens the blow.
I'm not sure where the moderately porno tone of this post is coming from, but Anne Lamott told me to get out of my way and let my stories write themselves. See? I'm not really writing this. It's writing itself. How convenient.
La Bimba and I are listening to James Taylor. "How Sweet It Is." La Bimba wore a glittery hair clip today and moved in a circle on her butt, leading with her knees.
And Naples was on good behavior. Even the waitress at Da Carmine was less rude. La Bimba had her first trattoria food, steamed orata (breem?). The waiter gave her a second cozzetto di pane (the butt of the bread; I could not find cozzetto in the dictionary, but cozzata means BUTT, so maybe The Husband is saying cozzata...) after she dropped her first one on the floor.
I find La Bimba fascinating, but I'm not convinced y'all do. For example, right now, she is gnawing on a frozen butterfly teething ring and riding her imaginary bicycle at the same time. She could join the circus!


Delina said...

La Bimba looks way too cute to ever be incazzatissima.

Ambra Celeste said...

Of course we are interested in La Bimba. And I agree with Delina. She is such a cutey!