Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mel Brooks

When La Bimba has a wet diaper and is crying, I say, "You're hysterical! You're wet and you're hysterical!" The Producers, the original, is one of my favorite movies, and Gene Wilder's line, "I'm hysterical! (Zero Mostel splashes water on Wilder's face). I'm wet and I'm hysterical!" is my favorite line. What's yours? Yeah, I'm talking to YOU.

I had a Peruvian boyfriend for a short time. In an effort to share some of my culture with him, we watched The Producers and Woody Allen's Bananas. I thought he might have related to the latter due to his hailing from a South American nation, but he found neither film funny. Needless to say, the relationship did not last.

There appears to be a scheduled outage on blogger in about 7 minutes. I guess that means I should publish this and go back to the episode of Strangers With Candy I was watching yesterday. That is one twisted sitcom.