Sunday, July 13, 2008

Notes on Newness

Today The Husband and I celebrate three years of marriage. And we still have no idea what the other one is talking about. Always refreshing!

I was in the elevator of a parking garage with La Bimba and a couple of women got on and one said, "I've been feeling kind of apprehentious about it."

La Bimba took an actual dump in the potty. When she saw her masterpiece she said, "Whoa."

La Bimba is hitting and screaming a lot. The Husband has also begun teaching her how to box. You know, just to take it up a notch. She slugged him just yesterday.

The moms in the parks in Berkeley wear the same taxi driver/rasta hats and their kids are dirty and barefoot ragamuffins. I can hear the napoletana mamma saying, "NON TI SPORCARE!"

We still eat a lot of pasta. The Husband is simply not culinarily adventurous. I sneak burritos and thai iced teas whenever I find myself out and about without him. I am experiencing some facial acne either as a response to the hormone-full milk in my iced caffe lattes or because I am allergic to wide open spaces.

La Bimba says, "Oh man." She calls Pinocchio "Cocolo." She is very expressive. Especially with her hands, shoulders, and chin. Napoletana DOC. The Husband has been speaking more napoletano and less italiano with me, so now I will lose my Italian and I won't know what he's talking about ever. Managgia la miseria.

I've been dancing and it is hard. I saw one dance performance and it was great. In the old Sunshine Biscuit Factory in Oakland. Totally groovy arty bay area fun. Lots of tattoos and piercings and lesbians. As it should be!

Big shout out to Napoli. Mi manca assai.


Doug said...

Not knowing what the other is talking about might actually be the secret to a successful marriage!

sample Lisa Taber said...

Hi Sima! Have just caught up with like 18 months of your life via your posts. Would love to actually talk with you one of these days. I was just in Berkeley around July 1, part of a trip to CA to show Maria colleges. Can you effin believe it? To my great surprise she liked Berkeley. A lot. Surprising because she has such a low weirdness tolerance. It's her way of being rebellious....
lots of love! lisa

Anonymous said...

Having been set up on a sort of non-date date with 'the husband's' first cousin (by you), and having less Italian than you, and having ended up marrying 'the cousin'... I can truly say from the heart, not knowing what the other is saying but having to listen very hard ALL THE DAMN TIME, is definitely the secret to a successful marriage - for the first 8 weeks of marriage anyway which is all the experience I have! Sorry for the hugely over long sentence.