Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Which way did he go?

They have banned smoking in the Villa Comunale, Naples' Central Park. Two cops on horses stopped a guy and told him to put out his cigarette. The guy complied, though I imagine he lit up when he saw that the horsies were out of sight. I was interviewed by a local TV station on the subject, but I neglected to ask which station, so I don't know if my thoughts and my face appeared on Neapolitan TV. I might have missed my chance at fame! I haven't given up hope though. I am still waiting for Woody Allen to discover me. He never did find the best replacement for Julie Kavner.

It is gloriously sunny albeit windy. La Bimba now says ET for wet, and she says glasses and eyes.

The Husband, La Bimba, three friends, and I went to Avellino on Sunday to eat some meat. We went to a place called La Bussola in Serino. We got lost, of course, so it tooks us forever to get there, but it was worth the trip. Great warm vegetable dishes (escarole, potatoes), pasta (pappardelle con funghi porcini, ravioli, and MEAT. Lamb, veal, pork, the works...with fries!

Part of the reason we got so lost is the La Bussola folks had told us on the phone that there were tons of signs on the way, so we couldn't miss it. There was, until the entrance to the place, and that one was facing in the opposite direction we were coming from. And the great great fantastic Neapolitan fabulous thing about this story? La bussola means compass.

Italian road signage is notoriously bad. Every time we go to visit The Husband's sister in Aversa, we get lost (except for last time; Go Husband!). This is because there are a zillion signs for Aversa sud, we need Aversa nord (there is one), there are several for Aversa, just plain Aversa, and the crucial signs are hidden behind other signs, so you only see them once you're past them.


Homebody at Heart said...

Dear Rompipalle,

So glad that you are back to blogging. I have been enjoying reading your blog from California. I just loved Naples when I was there this spring and, of course, Italy in general. I keep trying to work up the nerve to drive there but so far have chickened out. One person told me that it's not the driving in Italy that is difficult. It is navigating. Here I have no problem driving to San Francisco or in San Francisco or LA for that fact, but I have the general idea how things are going to go and what all the signs mean without thinking. Plus, thank god for mapquest. Okay, this might be one of those arrogant, US tourist questions, is there mapquest for Italy?

Roam2Rome said...

Italian road signs always make me laugh a bit, especially after seeing the ever famous web-cartoon about EU vs Italy... do you remember the road sign section? Classic!

Delina said...

We tried to find a sagra in Benevento a few months back and ended up coming back as we couldn't find it. ahaha.

I might try out that Bussola place. Only if armed with SatNav of course.

That is funny that they've banned smoking in Villa Communale.

rompipalle said...

homebody at heart, there is mapquest for Italy, I believe. If not, check the michelin website. They give good directions.