Saturday, May 5, 2007

Don't Give Up On Me

I am bereft without blogging. My blog is like a phantom limb, itching me when it's not there. Or something like that.

I didn't enter the contest after all. The contest organizer censored me because of too much f-word. She had good reasons (kid readers, living in Texas), and she was kind enough to write to me and confess to being in a bog, a blog bog, an oily Texas bloggy bog. My uncle made a good point about using the f-word (and the a-, s-, m-f- words): he said they have a place in writing, but sometimes serve as a way to avoid finding a more acute word. In other words, they can be cop outs. So, I am going to try to see what happens to my writing if I try to express my disdain, scorn, hatred, frustration, angst, disbelief, joy in other way.

I can't get my blog juices flowing under all this guestiness. Gustiness. Justice. So, I will keep watching the Colbert Report and reading Cusk (almost through; don't know what to read next, having, blessedly, so much to choose from due to great book windfall from Brooklyn). Tune in about a week from now, when freedom will ring again. Ding dong hot diggety dog dong...I think I just potty-mouthed again. Dang!

1 comment:

Just G said...

Great blog!!!
As for the contest and needing to be censored...fuck em'. Let's face it, saying "OH TREE" doesn't quite feel as good as saying "OH FUCK". It's a release...It's's healthy. I should know because I'm a fucking therapist.