Thursday, January 3, 2008

Grazie assai

Just a quick entry to note how much I am enjoying the kindness of the strangers who comment on my blog. It warms the lupini of my heart. Thank you!

Dear New Yorker with Neapolian Husband in the Bronx,
Are you living in the Morris Park area? I just read about it in the Times. Who knows? Perhaps we'll be neighbors?

La Bimba is still sick though seemingly on the mend. Did I mention that she now says GARBAGE? How fitting for the ongoing crisis in Campania.

We haven't been out of the house since New Year's Eve day. I am beginning to lose it. We did get to see The Wizard of Oz in Italian. Lions and Tigers and Panthers?! Why panthers? It doesn't even sing better that way in Italian. Orsi would have worked just as well. We also watched Madagascar in Italian and then again in English. The Husband should be trilingual by now...


Gil said...

You come back sick from a trip to NY and my poor little sister and her family are back in PA sick after a trip to Turkey (on Alitalia). I hope that you all get better real soon.

Roam2Rome said...

...and panthers? really? How funny! I'm trying to mumble the phrase here to myself to see if it at least rhymes. Pff!

Hope La Bimba gets better!

Fiamma Fortunata said...

Hi, I'm a Neapolitan woman who lives in Roma. Your blog is very interesting and made me feel nostalgic even about the bad things about my hometown (people who NEVER mind their business, traffic etc.).


silvia said...

I DO live in the Morris Park Area!!! That is soooo funny! Are you relocating to the States?

Small world, I guess.