Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vanilla and "Chocolate"

The friend in Rome is doing better, miraculously. Thanks to all for your calls, emails, listening.

La Bimba has been a bit, shall we say, backed up. But as I type this I can hear her grunting in her crib. I am hoping to find a brown parcel waiting for me.

Ewwwww, poop talk...again.

Countdown to the first birthday bash, this Sunday. We are having a three-tiered event: morning with moms and babies, afternoon lunch with La Famiglia, evening with the party animals. My parents arrive in the midst of all this. They are bringing me vanilla, but I need vanilla NOW, so once La Bimba finishes her work in there, we are off on a vanilla-finding mission. I found some for 6 euro this morning, but I only had 5 euro in my pocket. Managgia. Porca La Miseria.

The vanilla I found was not like the vanilla I am familiar with. It was Euro Vanilla, bean flecks visible (like Breyer's ice cream!) and with added sugar. Double porca la miseria.

I think I paid 9 euro for a small jar of organic almond butter yesterday. I think I won't be doing that again, ever.

La Bimba had a wee allergic reaction to tomato sauce today. She was begging for the pizzetta I was eating, so I tore off a corner and even licked off the sauce (they say to wait until babies are one to give them tomato, so I was being diligent). Evidently, she got some on her sensitive little cheekies, however. It cleared right up, but as my friend C. said, it is vital to kick any tomato, white flour, and cheese allergy out of kids being raised in Naples. These are staple foods. C. asked if I've gone a day without eating all three of these things in some form or other. I have to say, I think not.

La Bimba is doing her Tarzan imitation -- the yodel, not the vine-swinging -- so I best be going. I've got some poop to scoop.

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