Friday, March 9, 2007


My friend had her baby a half hour after my post. Brava! Auguri! I'm going to visit them in the hospital tomorrow. Can't wait! More blogging from Maternity Mayhem.

I am at a loss, here, simultaneously reading a novel (Alice McDermott's After This), a magazine (Zoetrope: All Story), and a bunch of half-written short stories I keep promising myself I'll get back to and finish one of these days. Why is follow-through such a bitch? I had the same problem with tennis.

To avoid the writing I would like to be doing if I weren't so petrified of what will come out, I am baking. My first gingerbread is in the oven and the cinnamon-ginger-molasses smell is wafting through the apartment. If it tastes half as good as it smells I will dance a victory dance. I love Italian sweets, but sometimes I crave a chocolate chip cookie, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, cheesecake (made with Philadelphia not ricotta), gingerbread.

Speaking of ricotta, do you Americans in Italy remember eating Polly-O ricotta and mozzarella cheese? If so, can you imagine ever eating it again? I used to make baked ziti for myself after school. I would use Ronzoni pasta, Prego tomato sauce, and Polly-O cheeses. I thought I was quite the Chef Boyardee, and that's just what I was (if you've ever eaten Roller Coasters you know what I mean). Now I am spoiled by the pasta al forno and all the other red sauce inspired piatti here in Naples. There is no going back to Polly-O.

I could write a novel just about how and what I ate growing up. I should start that novel, too, huh? Oops! Gotta run. My gingerbread is calling me. Pity.


Ambra Celeste said...

Gingerbread, yum! Now I have a craving. Congratulations to your friend and her new baby. Good luck on getting back into the groove of writing (although how can you write when you're in the middle of reading a good book)? Maybe that is just me, I lust after good books especially now when getting them in English isn't so easy.

Doug said...

It's hard to start and it's hard to finish. The middle's not bad, though. Keep at it! Nothing worthwhile is easy -- except sex!

(Btw, I removed this post and re-posted because I had misspelled a word! LOL.)